School Name: Smyrna Primary School

School Level: K-5

District and County: Rutherford County Schools


Phase: Tier I

Success Story Title: Husky Excellence: Tier I Success

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Our School


200 Walnut St Smyrna, TN 37167



We have seen great success in our implementation of the RTI2-B program at Smyrna Primary School in Smyrna, TN.  We created expectation posters that have been placed around the school and created a video using students to describe and demonstrate schoolwide expectations throughout key areas in the building.  We also adopted a schoolwide reward system for students who demonstrate our schoolwide expectations.  These strategies, along with some intense training sessions for our teachers have produced amazing results.  We have seen an 81.2% reduction in ODRs up to this point in the year.  At this time last year, our school had 393 ODRs while this year we have reduced that number to 74.

We also worked diligently with our buses to assist our drivers in managing student behavior during rides.  We created our expectation posters for our drivers to post in their bus.  We held a breakfast for our drivers and while we shared a meal with them, we discussed our expectations for students and got feedback from the drivers as to what was critical for them.  We explained the new reward system that we wanted to implement with them as we began working as a team to help our students meet all school expectations.  Since implementing this system, we have seen a 71.8% reduction in bus referrals.  This time last year we had 117 bus write-ups while this year, we have only had 33.

We have found that solid Tier 1 expectations, along with a team commitment to ensuring these expectations are practiced throughout the building, has changed the overall feel of our building and students are able to feel successful when entering our school.