School Name: Rock Springs Middle School

School Level: 6-8

District and County: Rutherford County Schools


Phase: Tier I

Success Story Title: Ready At The Rock!

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Our School


3301 Rock Springs Road Smyrna, TN 37167



We believe that our increase in positive referrals, and decrease in office referrals started with motivating our teachers.  Before the students returned, we trained our teachers on how to be more positive, how to not use negative words as often, and also how to use our new positive incentive program.  We think that showing the teachers and then them utilizing this in the classroom, has caused a major change for the students in our school.  We have witnessed more positive attitudes among staff and students and are creating a culture where students want to be every day.

This year with our RTI2-B program we started our Knights Castle.  Teachers give students who are doing above and beyond things a ticket that they are able to use as currency in our store.  This, combined with the increase in positive referrals has made a difference in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and other places throughout the building.

Our referral system is through Jupiter, an online program used to collect data and communicate with stakeholders. This is how teachers log the positive referrals and the students are able to go in and see what their teacher has written.  Parents are also able to see it as well.

We have truly been satisfied with the efforts of our Teachers/Staff to make our Tier 1 program a success, and the data shows it is making a difference in the lives of our students.