School Name: Poplar Grove Middle School

School Level: 5th-8th

District and County: Franklin Special School District

Exemplar: Model of Demonstration - Bronze

Phase: Tier I, Tier II

Success Story Title: Incentivizing Implementation

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Our School

2959 Del Rio Pike, Franklin, TN 37069

(615) 790-4721

Poplar Grove Middle

Poplar Grove Middle School in Franklin Special School District are in their second year of implementing RTI2-B, and the RTI2-B team has made including all stakeholders a priority. Each year they focus on gaining staff-buy in, and they are doing great things at their school.  At the beginning of the year, they provide a training for all teachers and support staff so everyone fully understands the Tier I plan. They have also seen sizable improvements in teacher participation in the plan due to their staff incentives and weekly reminders. This helps everyone feel informed, organized, and prepared for the week. Examples of staff incentives include raffles for Sonic and Starbucks drinks, items from the Treat Trolley, jeans day passes, gift cards, and t-shirts. At the end of the year they hold a special drawing for the opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Academy. What a great opportunity! Transparency and feedback have also been critical to gaining staff buy-in. The team shares their school-wide behavior data with staff on a monthly basis so that everyone knows what is happening in the building. They have also increased opportunities for staff feedback throughout the year by asking staff to complete surveys. The team then uses the results of those surveys to make adjustments to their plan and their communication system. Having grade level representation on the Tier I team is also beneficial because all teachers have someone who can bring their concerns to the meetings and someone to provide clarification as questions arise. Poplar Grove Middle School has done a wonderful job supporting their students, families, and staff while continuing to provide opportunities for their voices to be heard. Well done!