School Name: Hickory Creek Elementary School

School Level: K-5th

District and County: Warren County Schools

Exemplar: Model of Demonstration - Bronze

Phase: Tier I

Success Story Title: Student Incentives

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Our School

270 Pioneer Ln, McMinnville, TN 37110

(931) 668-7260

A huge shout out to Hickory Creek Elementary School in Warren County! Stephanie Ward, Tier I team lead at Hickory Creek, said this about their use of incentives: “Hickory Creek offers two (student) incentives each month and a chance to win a special snack from the Prize Patrol cart. One of the incentives will cost 5 Creek Cash (these are the tickets for the school-wide acknowledgement system), and the other incentive costs 10 Creek Cash. Two teachers or staff members volunteer to create, plan, and implement the incentives for the month. Every month there is one incentive that is no cost to the school such as: hat day, lunch with teacher or staff member, picnic day, and scavenger hunt. The cost for the other incentive each month comes out of our RTI²-B budget; therefore, the team chooses incentives with minimal cost like hot chocolate and Valentine’s candy grams. Our school encourages PTO parents and faculty members to donate items and time to help with the incentives.” Keep up the great work, Hickory Creek!