School Name: The Discovery School

School Level: K-6

District and County: Murfreesboro City Schools

Exemplar: Model of Demonstration Bronze

Phase: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III

Success Story Title: Family & Community Involvement

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1165 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

(615) 895-2123

Discovery School 2

Discovery School has made extra effort this year to brand our expectations in a way that communicates them to our families and community. We have installed banners at the front and the back of the building so everyone who enters our school knows we strive to be Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable. In the hall by the Front Office, our PTA maintains a “Remarkable” bulletin board that includes our school-wide expectations. The expectations we post are specific to one area of our school at a time. These posted expectations rotate each month and are also sent electronically to our community stakeholders through a monthly Campus Connection newsletter. Lastly, in an effort to support understanding of our expectations, at each assembly or school event families and community members are reminded by administration or Student Council Officers to be Respectful of others, Responsible with their behavior, and thereby show how Remarkable they can be.