School Name: Mill Creek Middle School

School Level: 6th-8th

District and County: Williamson County Schools

Exemplar: Model of Demonstration - Bronze

Phase: Tier I, Tier II

Success Story Title: Embracing the Expectations

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A huge shout out to Mill Creek Middle School in Williamson County! They have embraced RTI2-B in their school and are continuously growing their framework. They have worked diligently to teach students the expectations and acknowledge them throughout the year. They are also working to further include students in their Tier I plan. In the words of Cameron Gish, Assistant Principal at Mill Creek Middle School, “We have all of the students rotate through the school to learn more about the expectations matrix for each location (bathroom, hallway, library, etc.). We did this on the first day of school this year and it was a big success! We also have students list their most preferred prizes for The Dock (our PBIS store), which our PTO helps secure through donations. We are also planning on including more student input in our quarterly Maverick Mayhem celebrations so we target specific activities they would be interested in doing with their friends.”

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