As we start the school year very differently than the ones we have experienced in the past, TBSP wants to express our intent to support you and your school as you adapt your RTI2-B Framework to meet the needs of students both in-person and virtually. TBSP will be sharing just-in time-time resources (i.e., resources, school examples, reminders) through this mailing. Embedded within this newsletter you will notice hyperlinks to external documents for your team to utilize as you prepare for the opening of the school year.

As you finalize your plans for the first weeks of school, we encourage you to go “back to basics” in your RTI2-B Framework. Begin the year by making connections with students and their families; supporting students, families, and school staff with the transition back to school; and teaching new procedures and expectations to address new requirements.

Your TBSP team member is available to answer questions, provide resources specific to the needs of your school, and brainstorm how to adapt your previous year’s implementation plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Back to Basics

As your team considers what to prioritize as you strengthen your positive, predictable, and safe learning environments, we encourage you to focus on what you are doing to connect, support and teach as we all come back together.

ConnectMake a plan for how you will welcome back students at the beginning of the year. Encourage your teachers to spend time building community and relationships through “Community Gatherings” or “Morning Meetings” in their classroom or remote learning platform.


  • If possible, encourage teachers to reach out to families before school begins to welcome them back. Teachers can help answer questions about returning, receive feedback regarding the best method for communication between home and school, and put families in touch with any needed resources.

SupportTake time as a Tier I team to discuss upcoming changes to school-wide routines and procedures. Make a plan for how to teach those routines as the school year begins. Click here for examples of expectation matrices for: Remote Learning and including Public Health Guidelines.


  • Ask for feedback from families and students about your school-wide behavioral expectations to ensure they are culturally responsive and share values with students’ families and communities outside of school. Click here for PBIS Brief.
  • Consider acknowledgement systems that follow Public Health Guidelines and can be accessed for students who are attending school both remotely and in-person. Ideas for student reinforcers for in-person and virtual.
  • Plan for staff wellness at the beginning of the year (ideas for staff wellness and additional resources coming soon!).
  • If implementing Tier II and Tier III, RTI2-B Tier II and Tier III teams should review student data prior to school closures and consider if students who were receiving interventions should begin the year continuing the intervention (considerations for teams coming soon!) Schedule transition meetings between students’ current and former teachers to discuss anticipated needs and helpful strategies they used prior to school closures.

TeachSchedule intentional time at the beginning of the school year to teach school-wide behavioral expectations. Include lessons about remote learning, Public Health Guidelines, and changes to the school-wide plan. Remember, all stakeholders need to be taught the school-wide behavioral expectations and Tier I plan.


  • This includes people in roles such as teachers, support staff, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers along with students and families.
  • Plan time to explicitly teach social-emotional and behavioral skills to students each day. Click here for examples.