In our previous newsletter, we encouraged you to focus on what you are doing to connect, support, and teach. As your team continues strengthening your positive, predictable, and safe learning environments, next we would like you to focus on what you are doing to support, screen, and monitor as we all come back together.

As your team considers what to prioritize as you strengthen your positive, predictable, and safe learning environments, we encourage you to focus on what you are doing to connect, support and teach as we all come back together.

SupportStudents may already be enrolled in virtual learning at your school or some students may need to engage in virtual learning for a period of time at some point during the semester. Students can still receive interventions if they are learning remotely. Click the links for guidance on implementing the Tier II Interventions Check-In/Check-Out and Breaks are Better during remote learning.

We recently held a virtual workshop centered on family and community engagement as we return to school. Click here for session materials and resources to help your school build relationships with families, improve two-way communication, and create a culture of collaboration.

If you are looking for a resource to share with staff, download the Beginning of the Year Relationship Building Toolkit from Attendance Works for specific strategies on how to strengthen trusting relationships as school begins.

If your school district utilizes universal behavior screeners, students should be screened 6 weeks into the school year and that data should inform supports and intervention that students may receive. Please contact your TBSP team member or RTI2-B District Coordinator if you have any questions. 

You may have questions on collecting progress monitoring data virtually. Review these frequently asked questions from the National Center on Intensive Interventions.

RTI2-B Leadership Teams should continue meeting during the school year regardless of method of instruction. Find more information about conducting meetings virtually here.

Plan to review school-wide and student data at regular intervals during RTI2-B Leadership Team Meetings. Schedule those meetings for the entire year now and make a plan for how to meet remotely, if necessary.

Continue to monitor attendance as students are in-person and/or virtual. Attendance Works suggests focusing on contact, connectivity, relationships, and participation as schools measure “attendance/being present”. Find more information here and review their Key Messages for 2020 here.