Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
February 2017
Model of Demonstration Schools!
Kenrose Elementary

A huge shout-out to our Model of Demonstration schools! Our Model of Demonstration schools for this past year include: Eakin Elementary in Bedford County, Liberty Elementary in Franklin Special School District, Discovery School in Murfreesboro City Schools, East Side Elementary in Bedford County, E.A. Cox Middle in Maury County, Marvin Wright in Maury County, Learning Way in Bedford County, and John Pittard in Murfreesboro City Schools. These schools have been trained in Tier I and Tier II of RTI2-B and are completely bought in. They have been working tirelessly to implement solid Tier I and Tier II plans, all with the end goal of improving student outcomes and overall school climate. We applaud their work and want to recognize their incredible efforts so far! Keep up the great work!

Checking in with School Staff
Faculty Involvement is an important component of the Tier I plan in RTI2-B. Allowing faculty outside of the Tier I team the opportunity to voice their opinions and provide feedback helps improve staff buy-in, and helps teams make data-based decisions in regard to changes to the Tier I plan. As the end of the school year fast approaches (we know it’s hard to think about in February!), it is important to plan for getting that feedback from the faculty so that meaningful changes to the plan can be made prior to the start of the next school year. So how do we get that feedback and check in effectively with the rest of the faculty? Here are a few tips:
  • The leadership team can send out a short survey to get feedback from the other staff members about how RTI2-B is going in the school. This can also be an opportunity to submit questions.
  • Work with your TBSP consultants to get access to the PIRS. The window for sending out the PIRS is in April. The PIRS stands for the Primary Intervention Rating Scale. This is a short survey that is sent out to school faculty and allows faculty to provide feedback regarding the Tier I plan. The Tier I team gets the best feedback when there is a high response rate for the PIRS. When sending out the survey, please strongly encourage all faculty to complete it within the given window! This will allow the Tier I team to make true data-based decisions when making potential changes to the plan for the following school year.
Have Questions? Need Resources?
Is your school implementing RTI2-B? Do you have a success story you want to share? Just go to the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project website and click on “Success Stories – Share Your Story”: http://tennesseebsp.org/
What’s Happening?
Don’t forget to participate in the next webinar in our Data series will be on February 28. If you missed the first data webinar or the classroom management webinars, they can be accessed on our website: http://tennesseebsp.org/. Coaches, we will have our next community of practice webinar on March 7.
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