Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
November  2016
Liberty Elementary
Kenrose Elementary

huge shout-out to Liberty Elementary School in Franklin, TN! Liberty has been doing a wonderful job implementing RTI2-B with their staff and students, and the whole school is part of their RTI2-B plan. They also involve family members by sending home information regularly along with their Home Expectations Matrix. This serves as an example of what expectations can be implemented in the home setting and allows the students to continue modeling behavioral expectations when not at school. Keep up the fantastic work, Liberty!

Family & Community Involvement for the Holiday Season
The holiday season is a busy time of year for schools and families. It is also a time of year that brings families and community members into the schools more than other times of the year. Involving families and communities is one of the practices in RTI2-B, and yet this is one of the areas that school teams often struggle to implement. So let’s take advantage of the holiday season and use it as an opportunity to involve more families and community members in your school’s RTI2-B framework. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:
  • Have RTI2-B brochures/pamphlets available in the front office and in teacher’s classrooms to hand out to parents when they come into the school.
  • Set up a volunteer or parent recognition board in the front office and acknowledge parents or volunteers who have been involved in school events, volunteered in classrooms, or helped out with school fundraisers so far this school year. Remember, acknowledgements in RTI2-B should be for EVERYONE, including families and community members.
  • Have a school-wide holiday party (tied to the student acknowledgement system) and invite families and community members to attend or volunteer.
  • Schedule a family/community holiday event like a hot chocolate party or breakfast with Santa. Arrange to have someone taking pictures and send families home with a holiday family photo. Be sure to have signage up indicating the event was sponsored by the RTI2-B team and have an RTI2-B table set up so that families can get more information about the framework.
  • Send a home matrix to all of the families prior to the winter break so they can reinforce the expectations in the home setting. Send a list of RTI2-B activities for families to do over the break. Students and families can receive acknowledgement when returning to school in January for completion of activities. Activity ideas include: a creative holiday art activity to write out the school-wide expectations (e.g., write the expectations using marshmallows), or taking pictures of people/family members demonstrating the school-wide expectations over winter break).
Model of Demonstration Schools
Now is the time for your school to apply to be considered a Model of Demonstration school in Tennessee. This process is constructed to recognize schools for successful implementation of RTI2-B. Please use this link to submit your school’s application: TBSP Model of Demonstration School Application
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