Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
May 2017
Learning Way Elementary
Kenrose Elementary

huge shout out to Learning Way Elementary in Bedford County! Learning Way has been doing incredible things at their school and their students are making wonderful gains as a result. Amy Snider, their Tier I team lead, explains: “One of our biggest accomplishments at Learning Way Elementary this year has been the remodel of our Tier I and Tier II structure. Our team completed the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) data throughout the year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) to track our fidelity and growth. We utilized the guidance of our external coach, which helped our school grow in all TFI areas. This month, our team reviewed all of our TFI data to plan for next year. We planned new activities, set new goals, and started to get our students excited for August. Summer may be coming, but that does not mean our support for our families stops! We have shared our RTI2-B strategies with LWE’s students and their families to use at home throughout break. It has been a positive year at Learning Way and we hate to see it end, but our team is already looking forward to next year!”

Prepping for the Upcoming School Year
The summer is almost upon us, which means vacation, relaxation, sandy beaches… It also means that our students sometimes forget all of the wonderful things we worked so hard to teach during the school year; especially when it comes to appropriate behavior. That being said, it is important for the school to plan for the upcoming school year now so everyone is ready to welcome the students back and kick the year off with RTI2-B! So here are a few tips for how to prep for the upcoming school year:
  • Review the data from this school year to make any necessary changes to the Tier I plan. This includes looking at the Tiered Fidelity Inventory data to see areas of strength and areas of growth. You should also look at screener data (if applicable) to see if your school’s overall risk has changed since implementing RTI2-B. Reflect on Office Discipline Referral data to identify settings that may need additional support and teaching, specific problem behaviors that are a common theme, etc. All of this information can help the staff tweak the existing plan to increase student success in the upcoming school year.
  • Take advantage of the resources available from the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project (TBSP) to help staff learn more about RTI2-B. These are FREE resources. We have videos, webinars, tip sheets, etc. to help your school implement a successful plan.
  • Share information about the successful strategies that are used at school with families before summer break. They may find some of these strategies beneficial to try at home!
  • Lean on your district coach for guidance and support. And reach out to your consultant at TBSP. We are here to help your team continue the planning and implementation process.
Have Questions? Need Resources?
We have added additional resources and videos to our website. To access these materials, visit the TBSP website http://tennesseebsp.org/ and click on “Resources.”
What’s Happening?
Thank you to everyone who registered for the Summer Summit! Registration is currently full. If you missed our data or classroom management webinars, they can be accessed on our website: http://tennesseebsp.org/.
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