Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
January 2017
E.A. Cox Middle School
Kenrose Elementary

huge shout-out E.A. Cox in Maury County! E.A. Cox Middle School in Maury County is one of our stellar implementing schools for RTI2-B! Having gone through training in Spring 2016, they have worked very hard this year to get their RTI2-B plan up and running. One of the major barriers they had to overcome was getting staff buy-in and consistency implementing their RTI2-B plan. The team dedicated time before school started, teaching and explaining to the faculty and staff the implementation manual and how it should be used to help with their school's discipline and school-wide expectations. Along with this, they prioritized communication with each other and set the expectation that nobody was expected to do everything on their own. The RTI2-B Team emphasized that if anyone had any questions at any time, the RTI2-B Team would be available to help. The team continues to support communication to all stakeholders in their school by having monthly RTI2-B team meetings, sharing relevant information to staff via email and/or at grade level PLC meetings, and updating their families via automated phone calls, newsletters, communication folders, and through social media. Hats off to E.A. Cox Middle School on all their hard work they have accomplished this year to see positive behaviors increase in their school!

Keeping Up Staff Communication
As the year progresses and the workload increases, it is easy to forget how important it is to keep up continuous communication among staff members about RTI2-B. So how do we keep RTI2-B in the forefront with the different initiatives, testing schedule, and seemingly endless school tasks? Here are a few tips:
  • Add RTI2-B updates to the monthly staff meeting agenda. The leadership team can use this time to inform the rest of the school staff about information from the monthly leadership team meetings.
  • The leadership team can send out a survey to get feedback from the other staff members about how RTI2-B is going in the school. This can also be an opportunity to submit questions.
  • Have a question/comment box in the front office or teacher’s lounge for staff to submit questions and/or comments about RTI2-B. The leadership team can then review any questions/comments submitted during the monthly team meetings. Information discussed can then be shared out at the staff meetings.
Have Questions? Need Resources?
Have questions or need to find RTI2-B information? Check out our website! We have our Resources page up and running, and it includes a variety of example materials as well as a video library. Just go to the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project website and click on Resources: http://tennesseebsp.org/
What’s Happening
Be sure to visit the TBSP website for resources and happenings!
Don’t forget to participate in the next webinar in our Data series. It will be on February 28. If you missed the last classroom management webinar, don’t fret! It can be accessed on our website: http://tennesseebsp.org/. And coaches, get ready for the upcoming coaches training and community of practice meeting! More information about these to follow in an email.
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