Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
December  2016
Happy Holidays from TBSP!
Kenrose Elementary

very special holiday greeting from your Vanderbilt TBSP team! Wishing you all a wonderful, restful, and joyous holiday season and winter break. We are so thankful to work with such amazing schools and teams. We are incredibly proud of the hard work you have done so far and love seeing the amazing progress in your schools from implementing RTI2-B. Keep up the great work and enjoy your time off. It is very well deserved!

Getting Back into the Routine
Winter break is fast approaching, and your students will likely forget the routines you spent all semester teaching. Before you begin to pull out your hair when you return from break, here are a few tips to help you and your students get back into the RTI2-B routine:
  • Remember to have your expectations posted throughout the school where students and staff can easily see them.
  • Remember to re-teach the expectations. This is an ongoing process. Try doing a “stop-drop-and teach” lesson on the expectations once or twice a week for the first few weeks after winter break. A "stop-drop-and teach" lesson can be announced to the whole school to do simultaneously or can be something teachers build into their individual lesson plans. A setting and expectation would be randomly selected and the teacher would have to stop and re-teach that expectation and setting to the students. For example, an announcement would be made to "stop-drop-and teach being safe in the cafeteria." Each class would then stop what they were doing and have a quick lesson about what being safe looks like in the cafeteria. 
  • Praise goes a long way! Acknowledge your students’ appropriate behaviors and provide positive feedback. Pair praise with reinforcement.
  • Use the reinforcers your school provides. If your school has tickets, give students tickets for engaging in behaviors that meet expectations. If your school uses an online system, award your students points. You may have to give out these reinforcers more frequently than you were before the break for the first few weeks back at school until your students get back into the routine. This will help build up positive momentum. 
Have Questions? Need Resources?
Have questions or need to find RTI2-B information? Check out our website! We have our Resources page up and running, and it includes a variety of example materials as well as a video library. Just go to the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project website and click on Resources: http://tennesseebsp.org/
What’s Happening
Be sure to visit the TBSP website for resources and happenings!
Don’t forget to participate in the next webinar in our Data series will be on February 28. If you missed the last classroom management webinar, don’t fret! It can be accessed on our website: http://tennesseebsp.org/
The Tennessee Behavior Supports Project is supported by a Technical Assistance Grant within the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt University
funded by the Tennessee Department of Education (Grant # 4-26-230-2023)

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