Tennessee Behavior Supports Project
August 2017
Overall Creek Elementary
Kenrose Elementary

huge shout out to Overall Creek Elementary in Murfreesboro City! The start of the school year is a big deal at Overall Creek, and students and staff love to join in the excitement. Overall Creek is in their third year of implementation of RTI2-B. They have bought into the framework and do a wonderful job of engaging students, staff, and families. To kick off the school year, the Tier I team hosts a school-wide assembly for all 1st-6th graders, and a separate assembly for Kindergarten (since they start later than the rest of the students). All students receive settings expectations lessons during Special Area rotation the first two weeks of the school year. In addition, the school-wide expectations are reviewed daily on morning announcements, and a settings spotlight of the day is shared until all areas in the building are covered. Students are shown teacher-made videos featuring examples and non-examples of the expectations in different settings. And that’s just for the students! A refresher training is provided for the staff, while a more in-depth training is provided after school for new teachers/staff members. A fact sheet is then sent out to parents that outlines the RTI2-B plan at Overall Creek, along with information about student incentives. Overall Creek has done a wonderful job supporting students, families, and staff to start the school year off on a positive foot. Keep up the amazing work!

Kicking Off the School Year
Summer vacation has come to an end. Students and staff are back at school and there is much to do and to learn. It is important to remember to make teaching appropriate behavior a priority at the start of the school year to help students begin on the right foot. The way we begin teaching students about behavior sets your school’s RTI2-B plan in motion. So here are a few tips to help start the year off right and to get your RTI2-B plan going:
  • Host a kickoff event for students to get them excited about RTI2-B. This could be an assembly with the whole school, a funny video shared with students, or engaging lesson plans teachers use in their classrooms. Regardless of the format, students need to be made aware of the expectations from the very beginning of the year.
  • Make teaching and practicing the expectations fun!
  • Begin using acknowledgements for students and staff immediately. This will help increase excitement about RTI2-B and student buy-in.
  • Remember that the teaching process is ongoing. Students should be explicitly taught the expectations for the first several weeks of the school year. Refreshers should happen throughout the school year, especially after breaks and holidays.
  • Provide refresher trainings about your school’s RTI2-B plan to all staff. For brand new staff, consider offering more in-depth trainings or assigning new staff to RTI2-B mentors in the building so they feel comfortable with the plan.
Have Questions? Need Resources?
We have added additional resources and videos to our website. To access these materials, visit the TBSP website http://tennesseebsp.org/ and click on “Resources.”
What’s Happening?
The fall Universal Behavior Screener window for participating schools is September 18th-29th. Be sure to mark your calendars! For more information about the SRSS-IE, visit the TBSP website http://tennesseebsp.org/ and click on “Resources – Webinars – Data.”

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