School Name: East Side Elementary

School Level: Elementary School

District and County: Bedford County Schools

Exemplar: Silver

Phase: Tier I, Tier II

Success Story Title: Data-Driven Decisions

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Our School

421 Elliott St, Shelbyville, TN 37160


East Side Elementary in Shelbyville, TN has an SWPBS (now RTI2-B) team comprised of school administration, all grade levels, and support/related arts personnel that meet once a month to discuss school level expectations, positive reinforcement, and behavioral data. The team analyzes the data, shares strategies that are effective, and makes suggestion to improve the overall program for all students. Students also are informed of school wide data, and goals are set to help make improvements. East Side Elementary students respond well to the positive reinforcement strategies in place and enjoy the opportunities to earn individual, group, and school-wide rewards. East Side teachers and staff also enjoy earning rewards and receiving recognition. SWPBS is an exciting part of what makes East Side Elementary a great school!